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Turn Your Successful Blog into a Book

If you currently have a successful blog with a moderate fan base of subscribers, you might be considering the benefits of having a book to expand your personal brand. One of the most difficult parts of getting started is figuring out how to market the ideas and blog content you have in book form, without republishing your blog posts or ideas in the same way. The more unique you can make your book content, the more likely your subscribers are to buy it.

  • General tips: write about a topic broader than your blog – If you write a blog about golden retrievers, consider writing a book about dogs in general. Write about a niche within your blog topic – If you write a blog about career advice, consider writing a book about career advice for college graduates. Write in a different medium or style – if your blog is heavy on content, consider writing a photo book with funny captions in the same topic.
  • If you blog how-to subject: compile case studies and examples into a book – If your blog is about B2B SEO consulting, consider compiling a book of case studies from your previous work. Compile a reference book about something in your blog’s niche – If you write a blog about social networking, consider writing a book of demographics, tricks, and hacks for each social network. Partner with other bloggers in your niche to create a definitive guide – If you write a blog in a small niche, consider writing a definitive guide to your particular niche
  • Personal blog: Write a memoir of life lessons – If your blog is personal and it has achieved moderate success, write a memoir or a tell-all that reveals more about you than your blog does. Write a fiction book about your topic – If you write a non-fiction blog, consider whether a fiction book would be a more interesting way to share the content

Thanks Dan Schawbel for sharing those ideas.


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